A Good Reason to Rent


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If you are going on holiday soon you might want the freedom of having your own transport. Waiting around for busses or haggling with taxis can be frustrating and you don’t have the same kind of flexibility that you would have if you had your own car. Car hire is the perfect solution and we have decided to help you out with a bit of advice that might save you a bit of money if you do decide to go down this route.

First of all, and this might seem a bit obvious, search about for the best deal. Going to a few comparison sites will give you a wider search and more options that looking on one alone will do. It might also be worth checking out car hire companies own sites as they may be running deals that don’t show up on third party comparison sites.

Don’t just hire from the airport when you get to your destination. If you do this you give up all the ground when negotiating because you can either go with the deal on offer or try to catch a bus. Preparing your car hire before you travel is essential if you want to make savings.

If you think you have found a good deal and you can’t see any better it is time to scour the net for coupon codes, vouchers and deals. Specialist sites have been set up to offer coupon codes to shoppers that offer a great saving. You can even hire a car at Groupon who negotiate deals directly with car rental services before passing the deals on to their customers.

Look out for deals such as the full to empty fuel policy that sees you take the car with a full tank of petrol and lets you return it as close to empty as you dare to get it. If you are good at knowing what kind of fuel consumption your driving uses this could be a good option for you.

Always check the levels of protection you are paying for. You can sometimes negotiate the cover you take on the car so this is a great way to get the cost down.

Ask yourself if you really need to add another driver on to the policy as well. This can increase the cost and if you are happy to be the designated driver why not cut that cost out totally.

Be careful when you are booking your rental car and find out the companies policy on delayed flights. Although it will be out of your hands the responsibility will still be with you in the eyes of the hire company.

Always make sure you know exactly what you are signing. Sometimes it can be all too easy just to sign a document but should something go wrong you do not want to find out that you are responsible for covering costs that you don’t feel are fair.

Before you set off with your new hire car always be sure to go around it and check for any scrapes, dents or dings. If you find any make sure you record this with the company so you both have a record of it before driving away. You can also film or photograph any blemishes to act as evidence.

Most car rental agencies are extremely helpful and will want your repeat custom but it is always best to ensure you know everything that you have legally agreed to just in case any dispute should arise.